The Story Behind Open Atlas

I could never keep up my journaling habit, usually giving up after a few weeks. Inspired by Eliud Kipchoge and his 15 workout notebooks, I decided to pick it up again last October. I have managed to write daily for the past nine months. I started by writing 1-2 sentences each night. Now, each entry is about half a page.

As the world and my work took a turn for the worse around February, it is this nightly habit that has kept me going. Writing gave me the chance to reflect, explore ideas, put down negative thoughts, and just not rush through life. To slow down and be in the moment.

It felt empowering.

I then started using notebooks for my work and hobbies. But I couldn't find my ideal notebook—one that looks classy, has good-quality white paper, and is affordable. I don't want an elastic band, which often becomes loose quickly. I also don't find a bookmark that necessary because my notebook is often opened on my desk and it's easy to find the latest written page. And those added to the cost.

After months of designing and testing, the first version of Open Atlas notebooks was finally ready. Early users like the paper quality and the inner page design, especially Atomic, and also shared good feedback (e.g. the notebook could have a bit more character). That made me feel ready to share it with the world. It's wild to start a business during a pandemic but oh, well.

And there you have it. Open Atlas notebooks in three styles: Atomic, Linear, and Space.

This is just the beginning. I'm keen to keep improving the notebook and introducing more personal tools that empower the individual. More to come!