The Open Atlas Brand

For the past few weeks, I have been thinking about what the Open Atlas brand should be about. What do I want to encourage people to do or be through Open Atlas? What are my beliefs?

Creativity was the first thing that came up in my mind. The name, Open Atlas, came from the idea of having a space to explore our minds and ideas. The notebooks are a great tool for writing, sketching, brainstorming. So "creativity" felt fitting.

But I also want the Open Atlas brand to be more than about being creative. Maybe because of my (Asian) upbringing and my interest in science and tech, I also think it's important to work diligently and educate oneself. As I mentioned before, while there is only one product now (notebooks), the goal is to equip individuals with a collection of personal tools so that we can do more and be better.

Open Atlas is for the people who are always striving to get better in the things they do. Work, arts, sports, life.

Work hard. Seek knowledge. Have fun.

Does this resonate with you?Β